About Us

Northwest Cancer Hospital is the first of its kind, dedicated Head & Neck Cancer Hospital in Western India. We aim to provide international standards of medical care in Head & Neck Cancer Surgery. Gujarat has one of the highest incidences of Head & Neck Cancer world-wide, and Northwest Cancer Hospital addresses this critical need by bringing world-class, dedicated cancer care to Gujarat and western India.

Northwest Cancer Hospital has a team of highly trained surgical oncologists, neurosurgeons and anesthesiologists with an impeccable reputation for delivering the highest standards of Head & Neck cancer care. Our surgical practice is exclusively dedicated to Head & Neck Cancer because true excellence can only be achieved by developing an in-depth mastery over a specialized field.

We are driven by the vision to become a center for excellence in cancer training and academic research, which is reflected in the hospital’s focus on training future Head & Neck cancer surgeons.

Our team of doctors is supported by visiting oncologists and excellent ancillary services that include a dedicated nursing staff, dental oncology, speech and swallow therapy, physiotherapy and diet & nutrition counselling to ensure 360 degree patient care.

Our Directors